Import Finance


Importers are given this sort of facility to import different commodity items, capital machinery and any other permissible items. L/C related shipping document is kept as primary security. Cash margin and counter guarantee are obtained from the customer to secure its position. Two types of L/C facility are provided to - ** Sight L/C- payment should be made just after receiving the documents. **Deferred L/C- the beneficiary allows the importer time to pay for the documents.


NBP gives advances to customers by discounting or purchasing their bills of exchange. Such bills of exchange arise out of commercial transactions both in inland trade and foreign trade.


Loan against Trust Receipt (LTR) is a fund facility provided to importer to retire L/C related shipping documents. Advance against a LTR obtained from the customer is allowed when the documents covering an import shipment are given without payment. The customer holds the goods or their sale proceeds in trust for the bank until the LTR is fully paid off. Letter of Trust Receipt is kept as primary security, which creates the banker's lien on the goods. LTR facility is adjusted from sale proceeds of Imported goods or cash from own sources of the customer within the validity. Validity of the LTR A/C vary from 30 to 180 days depends on the nature and amount of items imported or as per Bangladesh Bank guidelines.

Check List of Documents To Be Submitted for Trade Finance facilities (It may Vary on Product to product):
  1. The person has to be an account holder of the bank.
  2. Client's formal request in their Letterhead.
  3. Valid Import Registration Certificate (IRC).
  4. Membership certificate from Chamber of Commerce or similar institution.
  5. Indent/Proforma Invoice: 
Indent: An indent stating the description of the goods including quantity, unit price, etc. given by the Supplier/Exporter or given by the Indenter. 
Proforma Invoice: Proforma Invoice states the description of the goods including quantity, unit price, etc. given by the Supplier/Exporter.
  • Insurance cover note and money receipt along with payment advise.
  • Duly filled in bank's application and agreement form.
  • Duly filled in LCA Form.
  • Duly filled in IMP Form.
  • Duly filled in related charges documents.
  • TIN (Tax identification no.).
  • VAT (Value Added Tax certificate).
  • NOC from lien bank regarding overdue bill of entry.
  • Valid Indent Registration Certificate copy along with Bangladesh bank permission.
  • CIB report (Credit Information Bureau).
  • Importer's address (mentioned in IRC) must be verified.
  • Letter of Trust Receipt.

N.B: Terms and conditions are subject to change.