Deposit Premium Scheme (DPS)

NBP Deposit Premium Scheme (DPS) account gives you the convenience of saving regularly in the time with your monthly income scheme. So, if you want to create a handsome savings to fulfill your cherished dream, NBP DPS is the right solution.

Customer Benefit:
  • DPS Account can be opened by the Customer for 2Y, 3Y, 4Y & 5Y.
  • Installment to be made available in savings account in due time within 10th of every month.
  • Attractive Rate of Interest.
  • Installment sizes: One can choose among the minimum monthly deposit amount of BDT 1000/=, 2000/=, 3000/= , 4000/= and 5000/=
  • No Charge to Transfer Monthly installment from other conventional account.
  • Standing instruction Facilities.
  • For premature encashment of DPS account interest rate will be bank's savings account rate. In case of encashment within 6 (Six) months from opening the account no interest will be counted. 
  • Client can avail Loan Facility upto 90% of Principal amount after completion of 1 year.
  • Interest would be applied on monthly basis and profit would be paid on maturity

Basic Documents required:
  • Completed account opening form.
  • 2 Passport size photograph for each account holder.
  • Proof of identification such as national/voter's ID, passport or driving license.
DPS Payment & Benefit (Before Tax): *

Monthly Deposit

Payment after 02 Years

Payment after 03 Years

Payment after 04 Years

Payment after 05 Years

TK 1,000/-



TK 2,000/-



TK 3,000/-



TK 4,000/-



TK 5,000/-



* Indicative Returns

NB: Requirements for documentation are subject to change to abide to Bangladesh Bank regulations and NBP, BD policy.