Secured Over Draft

When overdraft is allowed against lien of FDR or other financial instruments, it is termed as Secured Overdraft (SOD). Secured Overdraft (SOD) facility to the borrower may be allowed generally in the following ways: 

 Product Features:

  • Overdraft- against guarantee.
  • Overdraft-against FDR in the name of borrower.
  • Overdraft- against FDR in the name of 3rd party.
  • Overdraft- against savings certificate.
  • Overdraft- against wage Earners Dev. Bond.
  • Overdraft- against DPS.

Customer Benefit:
  • Cheque book facility.
  • Collect local remittance in both Payment Order & Demand Draft.
  • Transfer of fund from one branch to another.
  • Transfer of fund on Standing Instruction Arrangement.
  • Collection of cheques through Clearing House.
  • Online banking service.
Documents required:
  • Completed account opening form.
  • 2 Passport size photograph for each account holder.
  • Proof of identification such as national/voter's ID, passport or driving license.

Check List of Documents to Be Submitted Along With Loan Application (It may vary on Product to product)

1. Audited financial statements of the business concern for the last three years.

2. Provisional financial statements for the half – year ended _________.

3. Audited financial statements of associate concern/s for the last three years.

4. Copy of QIS II for the previous quarter ended ________.

5. Operational details in annexure I.

6. CMA data for the last three years, estimates for current year and projection for the next year.

7. Term loan /DPG requirements in annexure II.

8. List of machinery in respect of machinery offered as security in annexure III.

9. Additional details for export advances furnished in Annexure IV.

10. Property statements of all directors / partners/proprietor / guarantors.

11. Copies of ITAO of the company for the last three years.

12. Copies of ITAOs /WTAOs of the directors/ partners/proprietor and guarantors.

13. Copies of certificate from banks and financial institutions certifying the latest liability with them.

14. Copy of board resolution authorizing the company to apply to your bank for the credit facilities mentioned in application.

15. Copy of memorandum and article of association (in case of limited Company)/partnership deed (in case of partnership (firm)

16. Cash Budget for the current year and next year in case of contractors and seasonal Industries.

N.B: Terms and conditions are subject to change.